Selling Your Home And Want Cash Offer


Want to sell your house quickly? Even in today’s competitive real estate market, it normally takes around two months for a house to sell between listing to closing. Any pre-listing preparation, such as washing, organizing, and presenting the house, is not taken into account.

You’ll be resourceful with your arrangements if you may not have the versatility for this schedule, which takes into account the typical 50 days you’ll really have to wait for a funded buyer’s mortgage to be approved.


Make a full cash deal via a website like Simple Sale to shorten the closing period to as little as 10 days or the date of your choice for moving out.

Cash is dominant when it comes to “sell my home fast” solutions. It was because the procedure is always slow and there are a lot of unanswered questions whenever you list a home.

Selling a house in a bad condition

These consist of:

When will you receive a proposal?

 Homes stayed on sale in March 2022 for a median of just 18 days, according to current NAR statistics. Your normal days on the market, however, could be closer to 35–40 days in a much more typical year. Additionally, it can take longer to sell a house in poor condition. A typical buyer who intends to stay in the property will favor move-in readiness, and they might require the home to fulfill particular minimum property requirements for it to evaluate.

 Cash can help with this because you can seek an allowed discount and receive a reply in as little as 24–48 hours. Others immediately make definite bids.

Any of these typical situations, where a drawn-out selling process could create a great deal of stress and financial strain, might be present while your company is selling as quickly as possible.


So could still sell your property on your own before the planned auction date although if your mortgage lender has already started the foreclosure proceedings. You might only have a couple of months to finish the job before the property is put up for auction, though, depending on how far behind your payments they are. Click here to read more