Superior Wall Whiteness With Advanced Damp Proofing

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In an age of constant advancements in the field of construction, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest waterproofing materials. One such advancement is advanced damp proofing. Using this new material and technique, Superior Wall Whiteness is able to coat your home’s exterior walls with a special formula containing proven waterproofing ingredients, which will keep your home dry and free from damaging water leaks for years. Superior wall whiteness with Advanced damp proofing is a process that uses spray-on technology when coating cement walls.

It has a similar composition to traditional damp proofing but with one major difference; unlike traditional damp proofing solutions, the solution used in superior wall whiteness with advanced damp proofing is composed of colour and waterproofing agents instead of chalk. This innovative product has been designed and produced by Superior Wall Whiteness Limited in conjunction with leading waterproofing experts. The product is easy to apply and doesn’t require any special equipment or technical knowledge, which makes it suitable for use by almost any homeowner.

Conventional Damp Proofing Solutions

Most damp proofing solutions are applied using spray paint cans and require a great deal of effort and time from the installer due to the fact that they must dilute the solution with water and adjust their spray pattern based on a range of factors such as surface porosity. This process can also lead to messy paint overspray and is not suitable for use in enclosed areas.

The advanced damp proofing solution that Superior Wall Whiteness uses contains state of the art waterproofing agents and colour pigments, which make it watertight within minutes of application. The product is easy to apply and does not require any special equipment or technical knowledge; allowing for easy installation by almost anyone.

Advanced damp proofing

By applying this solution to exterior walls, the coating has the following benefits:

  1. Quick drying – within minutes of application, the product’s waterproofing agents become active and form a waterproof barrier over the surface. This prevents water penetration and can be seen as an immediate reduction in wall crevices.
  2. All-weather protection – the product is designed for use in all weather conditions and seasons.
  3. Tough and durable – The coating does not fade, crack or crackle over time and can withstand repeated exposure to the elements without losing its effectiveness.
  4. Low maintenance – The product requires very little effort from the homeowner, simply using a good quality paint roller to roll it onto the wall prior to painting or applying a suitable sealant to protect against further leakage.