buy a house

Buying a house nowadays with no experience can be really dangerous. Maybe it’s the first you buy and you’re totally starved of matter. Or maybe not, even worse if the first time everything went smoothly casually

A thousand pitfalls are hidden behind a real estate sale, and I’m not just talking about economic damage, but about waste of time, stomach ache, disappointment, depression…. If you read through this life-saving article and the next two installments you will be safe and comfortable.

Let’s pretend that you are looking for a house, perhaps alone or through a real estate agency, and you have found it!

And now?

How can I buy it in total safety?

Here is how you should proceed to buy your new home safely in three mandatory steps:

the irrevocable purchase proposal

the preliminary sales contract

the final deed

Today I am talking about the first one, also because it is the first that you will face if you want to buy a house in safety:

Unfortunately, the times of handshaking are long over, and if you want to seriously safeguard yourself this step is very important.

You have visited the house, you like it and you want to buy it. The price is right (a small discount is always to be asked), or it is not right and you want to try to snatch it at an affordable price. However, you want to stop it, so that no one takes it away from you while you proceed with the sale. In fact, if the property is right for you, it is certainly also right for someone else, who may have visited it some time ago.